Download, Installation and Registration Guide



Download and Installation Steps:

Right-click on the download link and select Save Target As… (Internet Explorer), Save Link As… (FireFox), Save Target As… (Opera), Download Linked File (Safari)

You can also click on the download link and your browser will ask you to save the file in some directory on your PC.

When the file has finished downloading on to your PC double click on the downloaded .exe file to run it. You will get the Following message which ask your permission to run this installer. Message may vary but it just confirm that you trust the publisher of the installer. Press “Yes” and Follow the installer wizard.




Start the application from the Windows Start menu or the shortcut optionally installed on your Windows desktop and quick launch toolbar.

You can access the command line version from Start Menu –> Application Name –> Application Name CMD

For example; you can access Auto Text Expander from Start Menu –> Auto Text Expander 1.0 and Start Menu –> Auto Text Expander 1.0 –> Auto Text Expander CMD for command line version.


Registration steps to register your software on Windows and Mac:

Please open your installed software.

Every install software will ask for registration in startup dialog box. You can also locate option to register your software from help menu.

Choose option to register your software and this will open Registration dialog box.

Please copy and paste Registration name and code you get in your email.

Please copy and paste Registration name and code to registration name and code text box in registration dialog box. Please copy and paste carefully.

If you copy and paste exactly then your software will be register successfully and you will get that message from software.


Important Note: If you get message like “Invalid Registration name or code” then please try again. We did not make any mistake in sending you registration name and code. Please carefully select, copy and paste registration name and code. Please make sure you do not select any white space while selecting registration code and name.


Uninstallation steps to Uninstall the application on Windows:

Go To “Add and Remove Programs” in the Control Panel

Select the application or program you want to remove

Press “Uninstall” button and Follow the steps in Uninstallation wizard.


Download and Installation Steps on Mac:

Double click the downloaded DMG file

Drag and Drop the application icon in your Application folder


Uninstallation steps to Uninstall the application on Mac:

Select the application in your Application Folder

Delete the application




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“Using Auto Text Expander is extremely easy and it took me hardly few minutes to learn how it works and that’s the biggest strength of the application for me. Overall, I am very happy with this powerful product and I am using in my daily-life and it’s hard to imagine now that how I was managing without Auto Text Expander earlier.” – Alva Pennigton, Philadelphia